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January 2009
We have just invested in sophisticated software and added usability testing to our services. This methodology is intended to help clients to improve the usability and user experience of their high-tech products and interfaces including hardware and software, websites, intranet sites, interactive computer and television applications as well as handheld mobile devices. Click on this link for more information about this service

April 2008
During 2007 we collaborated on an international online project that generated widespread interest. For Project Global Village we joined forces with a panel of qualitative research consultants who represented every continent in the world. Each consultant conducted a bulletin board in their home country with teenagers recruited according to similar screening criteria and discussing the same topic. Corette Haf together with a German colleague, Ilka Kuhagen, presented a paper at the October 2007 QRCA conference in Vancouver, reporting on the findings and what had been learned from this project. Several articles and conference presentations by other Global Village team members in their individual countries followed. The case study was also featured as the cover story in the Spring issue of QRCA Views magazine. Click on the link to access a pdf copy of the article.

Project Global Village was also presented in a QRCA Qcast where the content was adapted to address the needs of research buyers. All QRCA Qcast webinars are archived and free. Click on the link to access QRCA Qcast archive.

May 2007
The paper presented by Corette Haf and Andrea Chemaly at the annual conference of the Southern African Marketing Research Association (SAMRA) in May 2007 generated a good deal of interest. The paper introduced online qualitative methodology – bulletin boards in particular – to the South African research fraternity. Link to paper